They Want Me To Do What Now?


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Professional Development, Professional Learning Community, Professional Learning Network, Data Driven Instruction Meeting, Lesson Planning Meeting, Faculty Meeting, you get where I’m going here…

While we can usually see a glimmer of the reasoning behind the meetings–the WHY, we still walk away humped over a little further from the weight placed on our backs!  Nine times out of ten, we were just given another duty, task, process, or procedure.  If not another, a new way to accomplish an old one.  If you know, you know…all teachers know.

Here is a quick list of how to make it all happen without uprooting everything you’ve already done!

  1. Decide if the new directive is non-negotiable (if not, decide if you want to do it)
  2. Decide if the new directive supports the district, the campus, the teachers, the students, or a combination (if one of the last three, make it happen)
  3. Look toward your personal PLN (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Group) and search for a positive attitude toward this directive (it is very difficult to be motivated if we are negative)
  4. Ask yourself this question…How much dedicated time does this need from me?
  5. Then, ask yourself this question…Where will I build that time into my schedule?
  6. Intentionally put it on the schedule for the following week (literally put it on the calendar/lesson plans/etc.)
  7. Add an alarm/notification to reflect on the value of what happened.
  8. Do #4-7 at least two more times (work it with positivity and fidelity, like action research, to decide what place it will hold in your schedule)

Here is a secondary list of how to thrive in the life of a busy teacher!

  1. Follow other teachers and teacher groups!
  2. Find your crutch for self-care! 
  3. Make a Google Folder or Pinterest Board full of Teacher Memes!  Honestly, we all just MUST laugh together!  (Oh, and “funny” does not mean “negative”.) 
  4. Prioritize time at home with ZERO teacher work–every, single day.  For the new teacher that will look like one hour on a good night.  For the seasoned teacher, teaching the same subjects, that might look like four hours and going to bed early. 
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