Lesson Plan Walk-Throughs

The Lesson Plan Walk-Through Checklist.

Lesson Plan Walk-Throughs are equally important to Classroom Walk-Throughs. Planning and Delivery of instruction are both necessary for fidelity of the process. Here you have a checklist and tips for use – provide effective and efficient feedback on the planning process! Subscribe for more resources!!http://www.working-the-wyatt-way.com FREEBIE download at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Working-The-Wyatt-Way

INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERS know that the process includes The Big 3…planning, delivering, assessing! PROBLEM: We might get some classroom walk-throughs accomplished (delivering). Of course, we will make sure data meetings are happening (assessing). But, it is much more difficult to fit in the time for lesson plan monitoring and feedback (planning). SOLUTION: I call this the LESSON PLAN WALK-THROUGH! This checklist and tips will help you work this important part of The Big 3 into your monthly routine! Remember, this and all of my resources can be customized to fit your districts’/campus’ specific needs! Just email for options! Subscribe and follow for more resources! Systems, Processes, & Routines…Working the Wyatt Way!

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