Rachel Martin Wyatt

I am a mother of three successful young adults and four fur babies. My husband is a patient and supportive man ~ he has to be to deal with me. As a full-time Instructional Specialist in one of the best little districts in Texas, I stay busy during the school year. I am a obsessed with systems & organization for home & work solutions.

workingthewyattway@ gmail.com

Welcome to Solutions!

My work is dedicated to creating processes and systems that will streamline our home and work lives.

At home this might look like tips and tricks, filing systems, checklists, container systems, deep level sorting, and, of course, spaces for beauty and joy.

At work, this can look like templates/flowcharts/spreadsheets, filing systems via hard copies/computer files.

Systems & Organization are my thing…just know…we can ALL be “Working (and Living) the Wyatt Way”!

Your comments, input, praises, requests, and suggestions are welcome as we collaborate toward a system that works for YOU!

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