• unit lesson planning flowchart

    Unit Planning to Lesson Planning

    Unit Lesson Planning Flowchart

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    Lesson Plan Walk-Throughs

    INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERS know that the process includes The Big 3…planning, delivering, assessing! PROBLEM: We might get some classroom walk-throughs accomplished (delivering). Of course, we will make sure data meetings are […]

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    “I Didn’t Turn That In?” ~tired teacher ears.

    Losing Your Teacher Mind with Late Assignments and Retesting? {freebie downloads}

  • They Want Me To Do What Now?

    Professional Development, Professional Learning Community, Professional Learning Network, Data Driven Instruction Meeting, Lesson Planning Meeting, Faculty Meeting, you get where I’m going here…

  • Maslow : Bloom – Need : Learn

    The order of student priorities matters…Maslow : Bloom. Take a few minutes to dive into this QUICK read for some classroom applicable thoughts to support your struggling students. PROBLEM: hard […]